Chris Whittle is an English photographer based in Nottingham, UK.

With a keen interest in nature from an early age he has progressed to documenting his passion through the use of still images, capturing the moment for years to come.

Whilst having an interest in photography for a number of years, it was the purchase of his first DSLR (ahead of his forthcoming honeymoon to South Africa in 2013) that elevated his interest in photography. His wife may have regretted this, 4,000 pictures later.

Largely self taught, Chris has focussed his photography on landscapes, wildlife and architecture. Using a number of techniques including portrait, panoramic and macro photography, Chris captures the energy and mood of his subjects in impressive detail.

Chris has had a selection of photographs featured by the South African Tourist Board as well as exposure on Twitter by popular photography website 500px.

Chris continues to build his knowledge and experience in photography, look to make this more than a hobby!

Please take a look at the gallery and provide comment and feedback as you wish. The photographs on this site are not currently licensed and are for sale, please contact me here.